SGBEST.com is a property of Livewire Global Pte Ltd and thus will be fully responsible for the products sold on www.SGBEST.com

We have 2 branches of offices, one in Singapore, Livewire Global Pte Ltd. We usually deal with trading of New, Original and unlocked mobile phones to dealer worldwide thus our product(s) can go at a very low price to benefit the consumers as we always buy the mobile phones in huge quantity for trading.

Since 2010, We are dedicated to providing full support to our dealers and customers with marketing, customer service. We put customer satisfaction in first and hope you enjoy our products and services.

SGBEST.com is a registered and secured online shopping mall with VeriSign to achieve the highest protection, security and trust from our customers and uses secured paying system like “PayPal” or "Smoovpay"

SGBEST.com provides many choices of different brands of mobile phones, accessories, and IT gadgets for our customers to choose.

SGBEST.com wants our customer to pay the lowest possible price for our products and aims to provide the best quality of our products, responsibilities and services to our customers worldwide.

SGBEST.com also aims to be a one stop solution for all our customers seeking for mobile phone information, reviews and forum discussions among the users. Customers satisfaction is our concern!!!

SGBEST.com aims to be the safest and most secured online shop to surf and purchase online for our customers with the certificates we registered.

Latest - SGBEST.com will be able to get the latest model for you which may yet to launch in your own country. You will be the spotlight among your friends with getting the latest models from us.

Reasonable - All mobile phones selling at SGBEST.com are affordable price and no hidden cost. There are many types of payment you can choose for one fixed price. Definitely original and new! 100% value for money!!!

Convenient - you can purchase from SGBEST.com anytime, anywhere. You do not have to waste your trip to the retail shop just to check on the availability of your preferred models, styles and colors. SGBEST.com is a one stop solution for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cost Savings - No travelling required, no parking, and hassle free as we deliver right to your door step.

Freedom - Our members will be able to enjoy our low prices of the mobile phones without signing of any mobile subscription plans that will tie our members down for 2 years.

Safe and Secure - SGBEST.com is registered under VeriSign® Secure Site SSL Certificates which protects the transfer of sensitive data on SGBEST.com using a minimum of 40-bit and up to 256-bit encryption. SGBEST.com also users secured payment mode for our customer such as – Smoovpay, PayPal. SGBest.com will provide 1 Year Warranty for all products sold by SGBest.com.

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